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About Us

A Note from Founder Dan Ross

The D. D. Ross Company was founded in 1991 as a general gunsmithing firm, specializing in Law Enforcement Accuracy rifles. As our business grew, we specialized in the Remington 700 / M40 rifle platforms. We worked with the Marine Corps RTE/PWS shops in the early 1990’s providing integral ring telescope base for the M40 A1 rifle platform, as we designed and developed the component parts for the M40A3 rifle. Our development included the USMC Optical Platform, the USMC Recoil lug and the Ross M1 Triggerguard. We were awarded a parts procurement contact in 2000 by MARCORSYSCOM, for the constituent parts for the M40 A3 Sniper rifle. Our work continues today with the US Military and we continue to build accuracy rifles around the proprietary components which we designed. We have a strong following in the Military and Law Enforcement communities and continue to strive to build the highest quality, battle proven accuracy rifles we can produce. We appreciate your continued support of our products and services . We look forward to working with you on all of your accuracy needs, and are grateful for your many years of support.   – Dan Ross

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