This work, “Notes on Caliber .30 Model of 1918 Pistol” is a carefully reproduced copy of the original Operators Manual for the M1903 Mark I Pederson Device, as manufactured by Remington Arms Company. The Pederson Device was conceived as a semi- automatic bolt assembly to enhance the firepower of bolt action rifles by converting them from manually operated rifle calibers to semi-automatic, magazine supplied, pistol calibers. The development of the Pederson Device, and the Mark I program, was conducted in near total secrecy. America intended to turn the tide of World War I by using overwhelming firepower to break the stalemate of trench warfare in the 1919 Spring Offensive. This cloak of secrecy surrounded the Mark I program until 1931, when all but a few Pederson Devices were quietly destroyed.

To our knowledge this Operators Manual was not published or issued by any organization. Our copy is a faithful restoration of a tattered Archive copy which was acquired by our firm in 1999. Several years later we were able to acquire the original twelve photographs (plates) which had been lost to time. This reproduction is exact in every detail, recreating the font, spacing and text of the original document. We believe this to be the only complete copy in existence and chose to publish it to preserve the history of the Mark I program for collectors and historians.

We have excerpted this document from our forthcoming book, “MARK  I:   America’s Quest for Firepower”, which chronicles the Mark I story from 1914 until 1938. We invite you to be a part of our work by contributing any information or comments you may have regarding the Pederson Device or any of the rifles modified to use it. We are working today to declassify some remaining aspects of the story, so it may be told in its entirety.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in preserving the history and the artifacts of one of America’s most elusive weapon systems, as well as your support for this offering.

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Mark I: America’s Quest for Firepower

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming work which chronicles the development of America’s secret weapon of World War I. The Model of 1918 Pistol, commonly known as the Pederson Device, was intended to surprise our adversaries with thousands of portable semi-automatic weapons, issued one per soldier, in the hope of achieving fire superiority which would end the “Great War”. In retrospect, this compelling story is one of the most fascinating efforts by the American Ordnance Corps and American Industry to contribute to the national defense. We have acquired over five thousand Archival documents which document the Mark I story during the period of 1914 through 1938.

Highlights of our book will include:

• Mr. J. D. Pederson, biography, inventions and patents.
• Testing and trials of the Pederson device during 1917-1918.
• Adoption, procurement and manufacture of the Remington Arms Mark I Pistol.
• Concurrent production of the M1903 Mark I Rifle by Springfield Armory.
• Detailed examination of the Pederson Devices, with supporting tools and equipment.
• Springfield Armory production data and an in-depth examination of the Mark I rifle.
• Previously unpublished drawings, photographs and documents, as well as cablegrams from the Front.
• The Race for Firepower: Ammunition development for the Modern Battlefield.
• Post Game: Cancellation of contracts and the legal battles for damages and royalties.
• End Game: The Cloak of Secrecy and why it failed ….

Please join us in preserving the history of the Mark I Program by returning the Data Sheet (click here for download) for items in your collection. All responses will be held in strictest confidence. Our thanks to all……!


Mark I Data sheet

Serial Number: __________________________________
Barrel Date: __________________________________
Stock Cartouches: __________________________________
Condition (%): __________________________________
Metal Finish: Blue ___ Gray ____ Black ____ Green ____
Mark I Features: Stock with ejection clearance ____
Trigger/Sear assembly ____
Cutoff Assembly (1st or 2nd) ____
Spindle/Spring Assembly ____
Bolt Markings: _______

Serial Number: _________________________________
Condition (%): _________________________________
Metal Finish: Blue ____ Gray ____ Black ____ Green ____
Originality: Original: ____ Restored ____ Inoperable ____
Name and Contact Info: _____________________________________

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